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Hi, we are Aruna and Karishma, founders at Salad.

Did you know that the first study on the effects of estrogen (primarily produced by the ovaries and the star of a woman's hormonal cycle) on the prevention of heart disease included 8341 men? It had zero women.

This will not do. We have to change this.

Women are not men. We have completely different physiology. We have a completely different body clock. And yet, all the medical, health and wellness advice in the world thinks of our problems as exceptions to what men face.

The good news: all is not lost. The women of today should get all the support they need to live in sync with their hormones, their bodies, and their life. We're building Salad to make this happen.

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How much is Salad?

The first 10,000 users will get Salad's goal-based and personalized fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle planner for free for life. Join the waitlist now to reserve your seat. 

How can the Salad app help me?

Salad’s mobile app is a lifestyle planner that empowers women (and other people who menstruate) to understand their hormonal health through different phases of their menstrual cycle with bio-individual inputs on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. These personalized plans are being developed by experts in the fields of nutrition and dietetics, athletic performance training, and mental health practitioners based on existing scientific research on interventions that are beneficial for tackling hormonal imbalances.

Does this work for PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause, postmenopause, or pregnancy?

Balancing your hormones works for all stages of your life. In fact, it is the most sustainable way to bring back yourself to good great health and wellness. Working with your hormonal cycle will bring your hormones back to balance. This will alleviate the symptoms you are facing from the root and eventually help you manage your concerns better. No matter what medicines or the latest diet trends you have tried, fixing your lifestyle is a foolproof way to reclaim your health and address any underlying issues. Restoring your hormonal health and balance is the answer. 

Is Salad another period tracking app?

No! We're not another period-tracking app, but we use your period data to get insights into how your hormones work and whether they are balanced. Your periods, or your menstrual phase, is just one part of your cycle is a biomarker that tells us how your body is functioning in the rest of the month. Each symptom points towards a specific hormonal imbalance that we can bring back to balance with a holistic combination of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. People who do not actively bleed right now, such as in cases of amenhorrea or even irregular periods can also use the app. 

Does the method work if I am on hormonal contraception?

If you’re on hormonal birth control or have a hormonal IUD, this method won’t work for you perfectly because these contraception devices impact your menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation. However, you can use this method to balance your natural cycle and minimize the negative impact of hormonal contraception. You can still cycle sync with a copper IUD. 

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